Within the framework of the Russian-Syrian efforts, the restoration works of the Arc de Triomphe and the ruins of the city of Palmyra has begun

Restoration work and re-exportation of the archaeological Arc de Triomphe began in Palmyra within the framework of the Russian-Syrian efforts to restore all the artifacts and monuments that were destroyed by ISIS terrorists.

Restoration works were, at the beginning, on the Arc de Triomphe, as the Russian Stone Industry Association began drawing drawings and documentary signs of the arch’s landmarks, with the aim of restoring it to what it was before it was destroyed by the terrorist organizations.

It was the beginning of restoration work on the triumphal arch, when the Russian Stone Industry Association began drawing diagrams and documentary photography signs of the arch’s landmarks, in order to restore it to what it was before being destroyed  by terrorist organizations.

The city of Palmyra is considered one of the most interesting archaeological cities around the world, as the name Palmyra was mentioned in the nineteenth century BC on a tablet found in the Assyrian commercial center in the city of Kanesh in central Anatolia. Then it was mentioned sporadically in the Kingdom of Mari in the eighteenth century BC, in the kingdom of Aymar (In the Upper Euphrates River) in the fourteenth century BC, and then in the Assyrian royal annals in the eleventh century BC.

Source: RT

الآثاري أو (TheArchaeologist.news) عبارة عن منصة رقمية غير ربحية على الإنترنت مخصصة لأخبار التراث، الثقافة، الفن والآثار. تهدف إلى جمع علماء الآثار حول العالم المهتمين بالتراث الثقافي والمواقع الأثرية في الشرق الأوسط. تهدف منصتنا لخلق روابط بين المبادرات المحلية والنشطاء الذين يعملون على حماية التراث الثقافي في المنطقة والأشخاص في المجالات ذات الصلة بعلم الآثار.

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