Louvre Palace, the most popular in the world, publishes its entire collection of art online for free

Museum-lovers can now visit the Louvre, the most popular and famous museum in the world, right from home.

And according to what the American “CNN” published on its website recently, the French Museum launched an online platform that includes the entire museum’s artwork, which consists of more than 480,000 pieces, as the Louvre announced on Friday in a Press statement.

The site displays artwork from the collections in the eight sections of the museum, ranging from Islamic art and Renaissance sculpture to Egyptian antiquities and paintings by artists from around the world.

“Today, the Louvre is dusting off its treasures,” Jean-Luc Martinez, president and director of the Louvre, said in a statement. “For the first time, anyone can access the entire collection of works from a computer or smartphone for free, whether they are on display in the museum or stored’’.

He added: “The astonishing cultural heritage of the Louvre is just a click away!” “I am sure that this digital content will inspire people to come to the Louvre to discover the collections personally,” he explained.

He said that the visitors can search in the museum’s huge collections through simple or advanced searches, entries by the Curator, or private albums.

The site has an interactive map that allows people to explore the museum and each of its artworks room by room.

The website will be updated regularly by museum experts as the museum’s collection slowly expands, according to the statement.

The restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic closed the Louvre in late October, leaving World-famous artworks such as “Venus de Milo”, “Liberty Leading the People” and “Mona Lisa” without the usual crowds of fans.

While the museum still closed to visitors, the Louvre is now undergoing long-planned renovations.

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