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Fossil Footprints Tell Story Of Prehistoric Parent’s Journey

Hungry giant predators, treacherous mud and a tired, probably cranky toddler - more than 10,000 years ago, that was the stuff of every parent's nightmare.

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Panic in Berlin’s Museum Island, mystery shrouding the vandalism attacks

المصدر - ستيفاني لوس وكالة الصحافة الفرنسية

Dozens of artifacts and Artistical works in the most famous museums in Berlin were vandalized by unknown people, and the German authorities reserve this vandalism for nearly two weeks.

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A manuscript of the Holy Qur’an written in Kufic script sold for 7,560 £ pound

Sotheby's in London sold a Quranic paper in Kufic script, in North Africa or the Near East. This paper is dated back to the 9th / 10th century AD

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The story of the demolition of the historic Babri Mosque in northern India comes back to the fore.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid a foundation stone for the construction of a Hindu temple, on the ruins of the historical Babri Mosque, to announce the end of the conflict over this historical architectural

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Auction house Christie’s sells Tutankhamun’s head for more than $ 5 million

After a stone statue representing the head of the young King Tutankhamun was sold in the famous auction house in London "christie's" for more than six million dollars, the debate escalated again about the trade of legal or illegal artifacts in the world

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