Monuments that were displayed instead of the royal mummies in the Egyptian Museum

The artifacts that were displayed inside the hall of royal mummies, were transferred from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, during a majestic procession that witnessed the transfer of 22 mummies of the kings and queens of Egypt.

Inside the new hall, a large group of 50 ancient coffins were displayed, and there are 15 coffins shown for the first time in front of the public.

Currently, 50 colored coffins are displayed in the hall, including two from the archaeological discovery of Saqqara, and 48 coffins from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, including 15 coffins which are displayed for the first time, in addition to others displayed in the third floor of the museum and in the bedroom. These coffins have a grant project that began in 2016, to include the documentation, photographing and restoration of 626 coffins.

Source: youm7

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