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thearchaeologist.news is a non-profit, online platform dedicated to Heritage, cultural and archaeology news.

We aim to gather the archaeologists around the world who care about the cultural heritage and archaeological sites in the Middle east. We pond the local initiatives and activists who working to protect the cultural heritage in the region and people in related fields with archaeology.

The middle east countries contain a huge number of civilizations and archaeological sites starting from prehistoric sites till the contemporary heritage, hundreds of thousands of archaeological artifacts can be seen in the international museums, they came from this region. Unfortunately, this region suffered from unstable of politic and economic, and till now considered most unusable region in the world.

The wars start in last Decades from Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq till the new wave of Arabs uprising (Tunis, Egypt. Syria, Libya, Yemen, Sudan and Iraq) and the terrorist group of ISIS, In addition to neglection of the heritage and archaeological sector in the other countries, and the lack of knowledge and awareness among the local population of the true value of this human heritage. In these decades the cultural heritage and archaeological sites and monuments suffered from Damage, looting and substantive violation

As a result, we can realize how much we need such thearchaeologist.news platform to highlight and support all works and efforts of who’s working to protect and raise awareness about the cultural heritage and the archaeological sites

Our Platform publish in both languages’ Arabic and English but our focus is on the Arabic language to encourage the researchers to write on their own language and to Increasing the Arabic content related to cultural heritage on the Internet

We publish and translate the latest press-releases and news, the opinion articles and researches, or the results of excavations relating to the fields of Archaeology, and cultural heritage in the region

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خالد حياتله، عالم آثار فلسطيني - سوري، كان قبل النزاع في سوريا مرتبطاً بالمديرية العامة للآثار والمتاحف في دمشق. الان مع معهد الآثار الرقمية في أكسفورد، يستكشف ويقود إمكانات التقنيات الجديدة لإصلاح وإعادة بناء المعالم والمواقع الأثرية المدمرة في سورية. حصل على شهادته في علم الآثار من جامعة BYU في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية ومن جامعة دمشق.

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